As an organization with a keen awareness of its influence over the social climate and the natural environment, Camco is committed to support their sustainable development. The sustainability principle is evident in our choice of business partners, procedures, equipment, and raw materials.

We sustainably produce both our own brands and private label brands for international companies and for the leading online marketplace.

Global Quality Standards

The company is a GMP Manufacturer, compliant with EN ISO 22716:2008 in the implementation of the good manufacturing practices of the Bulgarian National Association “Essential Oils, Perfumery, and Cosmetics”.  This means that we apply all provisions relating to the production, control, warehousing, and expedition of cosmetic products and strictly manage the quality of the finished product.

In addition to our influence as a trading entity, we also maintain an ISO 50001 for energy efficiency management, and have passed the SMETA audit for SEDEX members. This audit is an international recognition that Camco upholds high ethical standards pertaining to 4 categories – standards of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics.

Production Capacity

Camco has at its disposal a modern machine pool which clears the way to extraordinary manufacturing flexibility in the production of cosmetic goods and perfumery.

We have established a closed perfumery production cycle: from development, control, gassing, filling, crimping, and quality control over possible leaks to labeling, packaging, foil wrapping, casing, and loading onto pallets.

The cosmetic manufacturing encompasses the full product spectrum in various containers and substances – cream, gel, foam, and liquid.

We have equipment that can fill:

  • Tubes (up to 3000 per hour)
  • Sachets (up to 5000 per hour)
  • Jars (up to 4000 per hour)
  • Cans (up to 4000 per hour)
  • Pouches/doypack/ (up to 3000 per hour)
  • Cans (up to 4000 per hour)

Some of our new investments hit the bullseye in terms of the future development of the cosmetic industry.

Eco Inovations

Еко иновации Our production lines for tubes and sachets enable us to work with light packaging types, equipped with an impressive set of advantages – biodegradable, recycled, recyclable, with a minimized impact on the environment.

We employ an eco-friendly innovative technology from a new-generation in the process of can-filling as well. The BoV technology enables us to fill products on the principle of the compressed air and finds an application in the production of cosmetic aerosols. The line is employed in the filling of aluminum/metal cans with various substances in a method that is kind to both the substance inside the can and to the environment.

Еко иновацииThe technology doesn’t utilize:

  • Flammable propellant gases
  • Green-house gases

It enables:

  • 100% product emptying
  • Real 360°, application at different angles
  • Even spraying pattern

Intelligent Solutions

Умни решенияSachets have been steadily growing in popularity in the daily habits of consumers due to a number of reasons:

  • Precise dosage
  • Packaged in protected atmosphere
  • Individually packed – longer product lifetime

The pouch is also an object of interest as a packaging type because:

  • It is stable and easy to use
  • It is much easier to produce compared to metal cans and glass packaging
  • It is extraordinarily competitive
  • It reduces the space the product occupies which is important to retailers
  • Doy pack with different accessories can achieve different functions (Vacuum doy pack, doypacks with one way degassing valve)

Our cosmetics goods are also manufactured in a closed production cycle: research and development, mixing, homogenizing, filling, labeling, packaging, foil wrapping, casing, and loading onto pallets.

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