Being driven by the responsibility to the quality of life of our customers and having the full comprehension of the wide applications of snail slime as both a powerful anti-inflammatory remedy and the most luxurious beautifying instrument of the East, we decided to make snail cosmetics accessible to everyone.

In 2010 we pioneered biological snail farming for the purposes of the cosmetics industry in Bulgaria.

Quality of life is of the utmost importance to us, and that is why we have adopted as our guiding principle a humane treatment towards all – animals included. Unlike other companies, which employ machines for the slime-extracting process and kill the snails, we want to keep them alive. And to do that, we collect the slime manually, without causing them the slightest harm. The cruelty-free principle is essential for our entire business. Our products are not tested on animals.


GMP At Camco, we are well aware of the corelation between product quality and the quality of life of our consumers. That is why we strive to optimally adapt them in order to provide the most pampering experience possible.

Camco has enacted a reliable workflows in order to ensure both the health and safety of its own team and the safety and quality of the end product. The company has successfully passed a globally-acclaimed social and ethical audit – SMETA (SEDEX MEMBERS ETHICAL TRADE AUDIT) and is a GMP producer certified in the implementation of the good manufacturing practices.

We impose a strict control over all raw materials at their very source in order to be confident in the quality of everything we import. In addition, we subject both the active ingredients and the finished products to meticulous tests before we launch them on the market. We take these steps to ensure that the final registration with the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) more than a simple, standard notice is also a verified launch of a product compliant with the health and distribution requirements of the EU.

Modern business solutions, ISO standardization, and implemented workflows enable our total quality management /TQM/ and ensure safety and quality over the entire supply chain – from the farm to the delivery in our client’s warehouse.  In this way we guarantee conformity with EU regulations for quality, safety and distribution. We are the responsible entity for all our goods in front of all national authorities of the Member States within the EU.


Family is at the core of our business. We started out as a small company run by the Dramov family in the early 90’s. Our portfolio is a testament to our continuous commitment to the production of safe, high-quality cosmetics for every member of the family.

The growth of our corporate family is a source of pride and joy for us. Harmonious relationships based on mutual understanding and trust on every level transform our work lives into a joyful experience.

Personal Growth and Development

We know that health and education go hand-in-hand and that is why our responsibility to society is not limited to the production of quality cosmetics only. The vision of healthier generations drove us to become one of the founders and patrons of a volleyball club for children and adolescents – Victoria Volley.

Historically, the club has won many prestigious awards, and manyof our players were recruited for the national volleyball team of Bulgaria. The club’s goal is to create well-rounded people and, to this aim, it practices modern management – balancing between its trainees’ volleyball practice and class attendance. Each sale of a product by Camco supports the growth and development of the athletes in the Bulgarian junior volleyball league.