About Us

We care For Your Welfare

Caring for the world we live in is of the utmost importance to us. We act responsibly towards the life, safety, health and wellbeing of all.

Our social and business commitments, our products, our procedures, our corporate culture, as well as our selection of partners all stand as proof of our responsibility. We care for your welfare. When you are well, we are well too.

We believe that welfare is owed to all who strive for it.

Mapping Out a Bright Future

In its 30 years’ worth of history, Camco has managed to secure a place among the leaders in the trade with cosmetic and perfumery goods in Bulgaria and the countries from Central and Eastern Europe.  Relying on the backbone of its own sales force and a global distribution network encompassing all continents, the company provides complete market coverage across all market segments. We can be found online and offline, positioned across mass-, mid-end and high-end retailers – hypermarkets, traditional supermarkets, category specialists, specialized wholesalers, drugstores, and beauty specialists.

The start of the company’s future development is marked by a key collaboration with Unilever when Camco acquires the rights to import its brands to Bulgaria. The partnership with the Korean giant Adwin sets the company apart, making it the first distributor of Korean cosmetics in Central and Eastern Europe. Our portfolio of outstanding, innovative Asian brands is steadily growing positioning us as a preferred destination for K-Beauty lovers. We select our partners according to our values and we genuinely believe that sustainability is the cornerstone of long-lasting relationships.

Based on this guiding principle many leading global brands entrusted their distribution to us – Ardell, Carlos Moya, Corine de Farme, Duo, Marc Anthony, Maui, OGX, Smile Makers, and Swati.

Private Label Brands

Carlos Moya
Corine de Farme
Marc Anthony
Nike Perfumes
Smike Makers
Superfood for Skin

In the years of its growth, Camco successfully increases its market penetration, spearheading its own production of cosmetics (under the flagship brand Victoria Beauty), perfumery (under the brand Aristea), and accessories (under the brand Standelli Professional). That is how, step by step, the company joins the ranks of the distinguished Bulgarian manufacturers in these categories.

Our Brands

Our anti-aging cosmetic products effectively blend the tried and true beauty practices of the East with Western innovation. Our perfume compositions are brought to life under the craftsmanship of true fragrance masters known as “noses” in the very cradle of perfumery – Grasse, France.

The brand Standelli Professional makes professional-grade accessories and instruments available to anyone with a keen eye for quality.

See all of our brands here.

The hallmark range that incorporated us into the beauty rituals of thousands of women across the globe is the multifunctional snail extract line. Its stamp of approval comes directly from our own bio snail farm. The farm is dedicated to the cruelty-free production of snail extract exclusively for the purposes of the cosmetic industry and is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and the region. Combined with our own distribution network, it extends the quality guarantee of the product from the farm to the delivery in our client’s warehouse.


In the course of the last decade, the firm made its contribution to the production of a number of high-performer private label brands on a global level as well as on the leading online marketplace. Learn more about our production capacity and capabilities here.

Our presence on the global stage is already a fact. We have left our mark on 5 continents and in more than 50 countries worldwide. Our major advantage is the new heights of quality we keep reaching. Active listeners, well-versed in the dialogue with both clients and beauty professionals, we are able to tune in to their concerns and identify their needs.

We implement innovations that lead the industry into the future and turn into a reliable strategic partner. That is what propels us forward.